Advances in Labour and Risk Management

Frequently Asked Questions


Accessing Online Materials:

How do I access the online exam?

Once you have registered for an ALARM course, you will receive an automatic email from our system detailing the log in process.

In the left side menu, you will see "Login to eLearning Platform". This will redirect you to a login page. Please use the credentials you provided when registering for the ALARM course. Once you select "Log in", the website will redirect you to the ALARM online portal. This is where you will be able to complete the self-assessment, read the manual, access course materials and write the online exam.


What do I do if I can’t access the online portal?

If you are having difficulty accessing the online portal, there are a variety of reasons why this could be happening. Before you contact the SOGC, please try these options first.

  • Login name or Password is invalid. Please try again.” Or “Invalid Login.”

Please ensure that your username and password are spelled correctly and exactly as they were inputted when you registered. If that doesn’t work, you can use the “Forgot my password” option below the login section.


  • If you cannot remember your username or password

Please use the “I forgot my username/password” option below the login section. You will be asked for your email address in order to reset your password or retrieve your username.

After trying both of these options, if you are still unable to log in to the ALARM portal, please send an email to and a member of our team will attempt to resolve the issue.


When does the exam have to be completed?

We suggest completing the exam 30 days prior to the course to give you time to arrange your travel and hotel. However, exams must be completed 2 weeks prior to the ALARM course.



Where and when will ALARM courses be offered?

The course list is posted on our website and is updated whenever a course is confirmed.



What is the course schedule? When does the course start? When does the course end?

The course starts with registration at 7:30am and the sessions begin at 8am. The course ends each day at 5pm. A detailed course schedule can be found on the ALARM eLearning platform once you’ve registered or on our website:


What happens if I don’t attend all of the sessions? What happens if I miss a session?

If you wish to obtain your certificate of completion for the course, attendance at all sessions is mandatory. If you miss one or multiple sessions of the course, you will not be able to get your certificate of completion for the ALARM course. If you anticipate missing a session, please speak to your onsite coordinator before the session to discuss your options.


Why do I have to sign in / out at the course?

For accreditation standards, participants are required to attend all sessions. In order to track attendance, we require that participants sign in and out each day of the ALARM course. It is important for the SOGC to know which participants are attending the course so that certificates can be appropriately distributed.


Is there an exam onsite?

No. The only formal testing is completed before the course. Onsite, the instructors will informally observe and provide feedback to participants during the 2 day ALARM course.


Are breakfast and lunch provided?

Breakfast, lunch and 2 coffee breaks are provided at all regular SOGC ALARM courses.

If you are participating in a special request or a CFPC resident course, you will need to contact the coordinator at your site to confirm if meals are provided.



How / when do I get my certificate of participation?

After the ALARM course, you will need to log back in to the online portal and complete the course evaluation. Once you have submitted the evaluation, you will have access to your certificate of participation. Please download and save or print your certificate for future access. (Please note that your access to the online portal does expire, so save your certificate within 1 year of your course registration.)


How many credits can I claim for the course?

With the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, you can claim 14 hours of Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Section 3 credits upon completion of the full 2 day ALARM course.

With the College of Family Physicians, you can claim 42 Mainpro+ credits upon completion of the full 2 day ALARM course.


Is there any way to gain extra credits?

In order to better measure the effectiveness of our sessions and their direct application to your practice, the SOGC has instituted an optional commitment to change process. When considering the sessions of ALARM and the needs of your own practice, please identify four changes you wish to make in your practice.

If you complete part 1 of this process, you will receive a second survey one month after the course that you can use to assess the implementation of these changes in your practice.

Upon completion of both parts of this program, participants can claim RCPSC MOC Section 2 credits.


CFPC Resident Courses

“I’ve already completed the registration form sent to me by my site coordinator but I can’t access the portal.”

Do not complete the form a second time. That will only create a duplicate profile and will not help you gain access to the account you’ve already created.

Please try accessing the portal using the information in the “Accessing Online Materials” above. If you are unable to access the materials, please email for assistance.