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Planning committee

We extend our sincere thanks to the members of the planning committee below for their invaluable assistance in the development of this program and for having successfully adapted to the unique reality of this global pandemic, with a view to the success of this event.

  • Margaret Morris, MD, (co-chair), Winnipeg, MB
  • Nancy Kent, MD (co-chair), Vancouver, BC
  • Melanie Basso, RN, Vancouver, BC
  • George Carson, MD, Regina, SK
  • Sujata (Sue) Chandra, MD, Edmonton, AB 
  • Radha Chari, MD, Edmonton, AB
  • William Ehman, MD, Nanaimo, BC 
  • Omolayo Famuyide, MD, Calgary, AB
  • Cathy Flood, MD, Edmonton, AB
  • Carole Miceli, RM, Vancouver, BC
  • Foose M. Onsongo, MD, Alberta
  • Vanessa Poliquin, MD, Winnipeg, MB
  • Sarah Smith, MD, Regina, SK
  • Cyndi Ciezki, MD, Regina, SK
  • William Ehman, MD, Nanaimo, BC