Annual Clinical and Scientific Conference 2017

June 20-23, 2017 in Ottawa, Ontario

Program is subject to changes.

Photo of Sinéad P. Dufour


Dr. Sinéad P. Dufour PhD

Milton ON
Dr. Sinéad Dufour is Assistant Clinical Professor in the Faculty of Health Science at McMaster University. She completed her MScPT at McMaster University in 2003, her PhD in Health and Rehabilitation Science at Western in 2011 and retuned to McMaster in 2013 to complete a post-doctoral fellowship in the Community and Health Research Unit. Her current research interests include: conservative and lifestyle approaches to manage pelvic pain, concordant approaches to prevent pelvic floor dysfunctions, technologies to support pelvic floor rehabilitation, and interprofessional collaborative practice models of service provision. In addition to conducting research, Sinéad contributes to the Master of Science of Physiotherapy Programme as well as the Primary Health Care-Nurse Practitioner Programme.

Sinéad stays currently clinically through her work as the Director of Pelvic Health Services at The World of my Baby (the WOMB) in Milton, Ontario. She has worked as a physiotherapist for over a decade with an emphasis on treating lumbo-pelvic concerns and works closely with a collaborative team sharing her expertize. Sinéad is an associate of Pelvic Health Solutions and has recently joined the Urogynaecology Committee of the SOGC.