Annual Clinical and Scientific Conference 2017

June 20-23, 2017 in Ottawa, Ontario

Program is subject to changes.


Dr. Marian Knight MD,PhD

Headington, Oxford --
Marian Knight is Professor of Maternal and Child Population Health at the National Perinatal Epidemiology Unit, University of Oxford, UK. She trained initially in obstetrics and neonatology, completing a PhD investigating the pathogenesis of pre-eclampsia, before becoming interested in epidemiology and population health. She therefore undertook specialty training in public health, becoming a Fellow of the Faculty of Public Health in 2006 and the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh in 2014. Her work focuses on using national and international observational studies to address clinical questions concerning rare and severe complications of pregnancy and early life. She set up the UK Obstetric Surveillance System (UKOSS) in 2005 to facilitate national studies of uncommon and severe morbidities in pregnancy and the International Network of Obstetric Survey Systems (INOSS) in 2012 to extend this work internationally. She also leads the MBRRACE-UK national confidential enquiries into maternal morbidity and mortality.


I have/had an affiliation (financial or otherwise) with a pharmaceutical, medical device or communications organization:

- I have received payment from a commercial organization (including gifts or other consideration or ‘in kind’ compensation): Amgen Ltd.

- I am currently participating in or have participated in a clinical trial within the past two years: National Institute for Health Research

I do not intend to make therapeutic recommendations for medications that have not received regulatory approval (i.e. “off-label” use of medication).