Annual Clinical and Scientific Conference 2017

June 20-23, 2017 in Ottawa, Ontario

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Workshops (1)

3:25 PM to 4:25 PM

1.1: IUD tips and tricks

1.2: The pitfalls of EMR charting

1.3: Pregnancy of unknown viability and unknown location

1.4: Addiction in pregnancy

1.5: How to write a publishable manuscript - Author's perspective and editor’s expectation

1.6: Laparoscopic tips and tricks for difficult hysterectomy

1.7: Culturally competent care

1.8: Collaborative care – The how to be a team player

Workshops (2)

4:30 PM to 5:30 PM

2.1: HR and menopause: how to

2.2: The surgical approach to the invasive placenta: Planning for better outcomes

2.3: NIPT

2.4: Chronic pelvic pain

2.5: Advice for the pregnant traveler

2.6: Sleep deprived and overwhelmed physician

2.7: Reproductive tourism: Egg donation and surrogacy

2.8: Member's choice: Pregnancy after 40 - Risks and challenges

Concurrent sub-specialty (CS1): Maternal Fetal Medicine

1:30 PM to 5:45 PM

13:30-14:00 --- CS1A plenary: CIHR Pan-Canadian Network to Improve Outcomes of Preterm Birth

14:00-14:30 --- CS1B plenary: CIHR A systems approach for enhancing perinatal care regionalization

16:15-17:15 --- CS1D workshop: Current Canadian practices for management of common preterm obstetrical complications

17:15-17:45 --- CS1E plenary: Stillbirth

Concurrent sub-specialty (CS2): Reproductive endocrinology and infertility

1:30 PM to 5:45 PM

13:30-14:00 --- CS2A plenary: Sleep disturbance and fertility/pregnancy outcomes

14:00-14:30 --- CS2B plenary: Endometriosis and fertility

17:15-17:45 --- CS2E plenary: Fibroids and fertility – When to operate and when not to

Concurrent sub-specialty (CS3): Canadian Paediatric and Adolescent Gynaecology and Obstetrics (CANPAGO)

1:30 PM to 5:45 PM

13:30-14:00 --- CS3A plenary: PAG simulation

14:00-14:30 --- CS3B plenary: Human trafficking – focus on minors

17:15-17:45 --- CS3E plenary: PALM-COEIN/abnormal uterine bleeding in teenagers

Concurrent sub-specialty (CS4): APOG - Building a culture of assessment

1:30 PM to 5:45 PM

13:30-14:00 --- CS4A plenary: Promoting simulation for assessment

14:00-14:30 --- CS4B plenary: Work-based and simulation assessment: The good, the bad, and how to apply it to your program

16:15-17:15 --- CS4D workshop: Workshop: Assessment in competency-based medical education

17:15-17:45 --- CS4E plenary: Bringing Competence By Design to the obstetric and gynaecology community

Concurrent sub-specialty (CS5): Colposcopy and oncology - LGT pot-pourri

1:30 PM to 5:45 PM

13:30-14:00 --- CS5A plenary: VaIN

14:00-14:30 --- CS5B plenary: High resolution anoscopy

16:15-17:15 --- CS5D workshop: Treatment of early cervix cancer and fertility preservation

17:15-17:45 --- CS5E plenary: Paget’s disease of the vulva

Concurrent sub-specialty (CS6): Family planning & STI

1:30 PM to 5:45 PM

13:30-14:00 --- CS6A plenary: STI update - Drug resistant gonorrhoea

14:00-14:30 --- CS6B plenary: CCC vs MEC: Updated guidance on contraceptive use among women at risk of thrombosis

14:30-15:15 --- CS6C oral abstracts

16:15-17:15 --- CS6D workshop: Contraception in women with chronic diseases

17:15-17:45 --- CS6E plenary: Cervical dilation prior to surgical abortion

Concurrent sub-specialty (CS7): Minimally invasive surgery

1:30 PM to 5:45 PM

13:30-14:00 --- CS7A plenary: History of laparoscopy

16:15-17:45 --- CS7D plenary: Multidisciplinary perspective on laparoscopic complications

Concurrent sub-specialty (CS8): Urogynaecology for the generalist

1:30 PM to 5:45 PM

13:30-14:00 --- CS8A plenary: Technologies for pelvic floor health: Yay or nay?

14:00-14:30 --- CS8B plenary: Prepare for birth – The pelvic floor and more

16:15-17:15 --- CS8D workshop: Assessment and treatment of fecal incontinence and rectal prolapse

17:15-17:45 --- CS8E plenary: Review and treatment of 3rd and 4th degree tears

Workshops (3)

10:40 AM to 11:40 AM

3.2: Medical abortion update

3.3: Test your vulvar IQ

3.4: Transgender in your practice

3.5: Medico-legal issues in obstetrics

3.6: Member's choice: Stillbirth and pregnancy loss

3.7: Member's choice: Minimal access surgery in maximum BMI patients