Our comprehensive suite of Continuing Medical Education events remains a cornerstone of the SOGC's work. By exploring the frontiers of scientific knowledge and practice methods, these exciting programmes update and maintain professional knowledge, as well as evolve the practice of obstetrics and gynaecology in Canada.

Do you have a proposal for a Plenary Session, Workshop, or Enhanced Skills Course topic at any of the SOGC's CME events or future ACSCs? Please let us know!

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Submission deadlines:

Quebec CME: January 1st each year
Ontario CME: February 1st each year
West/Central CME: July 1st each year
Annual Clinical and Scientific Conference: July 1st each year


Upcoming Events

2019 ACSC

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Quebec CME

October 3 - 4 Québec, QC

Ontario CME

November 28 - 30

Toronto, ON


West/Central CME

March 12 - 14 Banff, AB


June 9 – 12

Ottawa, ON

Quebec CME

October 8 - 9

Mont Tremblant, QC

Ontario CME December 3 - 5

Toronto, ON


West/Central CME March 18 - 20 Banff, AB


June 22 – 25

Whistler, BC


In partnership with AOGQ

June 7 - 10

Québec, QC


Past Events

2018 ACSC in Victoria BC from June 26-29