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Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan, Vision 2020, paves a clear direction to guide us from 2016-2020. 

Quality of Care

Quality of Care means that we will:

  • Drive the improvement in quality of women’s sexual and reproductive health care in Canada and around the world
  • Create and maintain evidence-based, best practice guidelines
  • Promote equitable access to optimal, culturally-safe health care for women across Canada and around the world, particularly Indigenous women, and women with greater needs
  • Support quality care through practice-based assessments
  • Measure, assess and catalyze best practice from research to health system outcomes


Advocacy means that we will:

  • Be the trusted advocate and authoritative voice for the advancement of women’s health issues 
  • Advocate to shape public policy to advance women’s health 
  • Advocate on behalf of the profession to enable best practice in support of women’s health
  • Monitor and advise on the state of women’s health in Canada and internationally
  • Advocate to advance women’s health issues in traditional and social media


Education means that we will:

  • Create and provide educational resources to our members and to the public to support high-quality health care for women
  • Provide high quality Continuing Professional Development that promotes and supports best practices
  • Offer development and mentorship of residents and students
  • Support members in career transitions from career entry to retirement
  • Be the trusted and preferred first-choice provider of public education for women’s health

Growing Stronger

Growing Stronger means that we will:

  • Build on the expertise and strong organizational values and infrastructure to guide the SOGC into the future
  • Enhance membership value for all members throughout their career
  • Develop a professional and motivated SOGC workforce
  • Develop and enhance strategic partnerships
  • Develop leadership, management and governance structures and practices to guide the organization into the future
  • Build and sustain a financially sound organization
  • Develop and enhance the volunteer workforce