Resident Committee

The Resident Committee acts as the national voice for residents within the SOGC. The objective of the Resident Committee is:

  • to provide a forum in which ob/gyns in training can express opinions and recommendations pertaining to issues affecting training and practice;
  • to create resources and CME activities for ob/gyn residents;
  • to promote the specialty of ob/gyn to medical students and the community; and
  • to address issues directly impacting on ob/gyn residents.

The Resident Committee is made up of two representatives (one junior and one senior) from each of the 16 medical schools across Canada, as well as one fellow representative, two medical student representatives, and one board representative. The committee is represented on the board of directors and the Academic Council through resident representative positions.

The Resident Committee takes on a variety of projects each year through the work of its four subcommittees: Meetings & Conferences, Advocacy & Wellness, Postgraduate, and Undergraduate. The committee meets quarterly via teleconference.

Meet the 2019-2020 Resident Committee!

Opportunities for resident involvement at the SOGC

  • Join the Resident Committee
    • The Resident Committee recruits new junior representatives from each university every year. Speak to a current Resident Committee representative at your school to let them know that you are interested in joining next year’s committee.
  • Join another SOGC committee
    • Many SOGC committees have designated positions for resident representatives. Residents wishing to get involved at the SOGC are invited to apply for vacant committee positions during the annual call for applications that is sent to members each fall. For more information, please contact
  • Submit an abstract
    • Abstract programs are held during the Annual Clinical and Scientific Conference (ACSC) and the Ontario CME. Details are posted on the websites for each of these events. For more information, please email
  • Connect with a medical student
    • Resident Champions Program: Residents can provide their names to the Resident Committee to be included on a directory for medical students, allowing them to ask questions about training programs. For more information, speak to a Resident Committee representative at your school.
    • Medical Student Program (MSP): This program takes place each year at the ACSC and includes a residency fair component. Representatives from all residency programs are invited to create a booth where they can promote and answer students’ questions about their program. For more information, please contact
  • Submit a case to Stump the Professor
    • Send us the details of a perplexing ob/gyn case and you could be selected to present it as part of the Stump the Professor session at the ACSC.  A monetary prize is awarded to the Best Resident Obstetrical Case and Best Resident Gynaecological Case.
    • Cases are presented in front of two panels – a panel of professors versus a panel of Resident Committee members – putting their clinical knowledge and expertise to the test. The first panel to correctly determine the diagnosis wins! This session is always entertaining and draws a large crowd.
    • Case submissions in PowerPoint format can be sent to, and should include:
      • Patient profile
      • Reason for admission
      • Symptoms/Problem list
      • Past medical history
      • Family and social history
      • History of present illness/progress
      • Lab work
      • Medications
      • Follow up

Presentations should be interactive, include pictures if possible, and pose questions to panelists throughout.


Resources developed by the SOGC Resident Committee – coming soon!


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