World Contraception Day

Every September 26, World Contraception Day is an opportunity to discuss birth control methods available and to help make informed choices about sexual and reproductive health. The SOGC believes it is important that individuals can choose the contraceptive that works for their lifestyle.

The podcast below offers answers to many questions about contraception and contraceptive methods. The SOGC also provides useful information and advices through and Finally, quick (and unknown) facts are presented in the slides below.

Contraception Resources

Rated one of the top 5 e-health projects in the world provides credible and up-to-date sexual health information for teens, adults, parents, teachers, and health care providers.

With so many options available, making the right decision about contraception can be a little overwhelming. was created to help you and your health care provider determine the method that's best for you.

Contraception Facts

Unplanned pregnancy is more common than you might think. With so many different birth control options available in Canada to help women and their partners prevent an unplanned pregnancy, why does it still happen at all? Learn more >

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