COVID-19 Response Forum - April 22, 2020

COVID-19 Response Forum - April 22, 2020
(Offered in English only for SOGC members only) This will be an update from the SOGC Infectious disease  committee. This virtual forum will take place on Wednesday, April 22 beginning at 4:00pm EDT.

In this rapidly evolving environment, and taking into account the varied challenges being experienced across the country and throughout our healthcare networks, the SOGC will provide weekly touchpoints via online Zoom meetings, in order to facilitate sharing expert advice, as well as to create a space to convene our colleagues for rapid question and answer sessions, to share experiences and challenges, to learn from one another’s situations, and to support one another.  

These sessions are limited by technology  to a maximum of 100 participants, but any useful materials that are shared in the forum will be made available on the SOGC COVID-19 Resources page of the SOGC’s website. 

Presenters: Dr. Chelsea Elwood (Vancouver, BC), Dr. Wesley Edwards (Ottawa, ON)

This event is available on a complimentary basis to SOGC members only. You will receive login information for the Zoom meeting by email 24 hours in advance of the event date. 
4/22/2020 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM
Eastern Standard Time
Zoom meeting Webinar
Registration not available.

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