Healthy Beginnings, 3rd Edition


"Healthy Beginnings guided me through every step of my pregnancy, the delivery and the first few days at home with Gabrielle. It's written in very realistic terms and provided positive reinforcement every step of the way. The authors tackle the issues without being alarmist; they cover every procedure and present all the options in easy-to-understand charts and graphs. I found it to be really helpful and recommend it highly."

"The Healthy Beginnings handbook is a very thorough guide for new moms. The layout and inclusion of journal spaces for questions and records of doctor visits was quite useful. I found the information in this publication straight-forward and very reassuring. It made me feel more in control, therefore making my pregnancy and birthing experience a wonderful one. All first-time mothers should read this book."

"The Best Start Resource Centre is pleased to partner with the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada to offer this prenatal resource. This book provides credible information and links to key programs, services, and sources of information. It highlights many things that men and women can do before, during, and after pregnancy, to help their children have the healthiest start possible.

The Best Start Resources Centre links Ontario service providers with information, resources, training, and supports related to maternal, newborn, and child health. It is funded by the government of Ontario and is a key program of Health Nexus."

"Healthy Beginnings is an excellent tool for expecting parents. It prepares them for the long, natural process that covers pregnancy, labour, birthing, maternity and breastfeeding. This must-have book is chock full of advice and sound information, so much so that it virtually turns into a user’s guide to pregnancy, comforting new parents and raising their confidence level!"


"Healthy Beginnings is an essential guide that will help pregnant women make their way through the different stages of pregnancy. In this update covering everything from preconception to postpartum, we provide our patients with information of the utmost quality and the latest discoveries in the field. This book is an excellent starting point for anyone taking part in the wonderful adventure that is pregnancy!"


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