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Message from SOGC President on proposed tax reforms

SOGC President, Dr. Michael R. Bow, asks for member support to urge the Government of Canada to reconsider the proposed tax reforms affecting private corporations:

"As your President, I have written to the Minister of Finance, The Honourable William Morneau, on behalf of the SOGC. My letter speaks to representing the 3,600 plus member health care professionals of the SOGC who are concerned by the proposed reforms to Canadian tax law that will affect private corporations. It highlights that we are concerned not only for ourselves, but for the millions of independent small business owners and operators across the country who will also be affected by the proposed changes.

I invite you to read our letter to the Minister, and urge you to to write, call, or meet with your local MP and your provincial or territorial representative to share your own input on how these proposed changes will affect you and your practice. We know from past efforts that individual doctors talking directly to their local politicians can make an enormous difference."

The SOGC and its members join many other organizations who are bringing their concerns to the government. We are asking for your help in urging the Government of Canada to reconsider this important matter. Click here to add your name to the Federation of Medical Women of Canada's petition and click here to personalize a version of the CMA’s letter.