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Health Canada MedEffect Safety Notice - Alesse 21 and 28mg oral contraceptive tablets

Health Canada issued a MedEffect Safety Notice on December 1 2017, alerting consumers about a manufacturing defect of some broken oral contraceptive tablets of Alesse 21 and 28 mg. 
The SOGC strongly recommends that women who use pills inspect their oral contraceptive tablets and return any defective products to their pharmacy.
If you suspect that you have taken one broken oral contraceptive tablet, there is low probability of the product failing, leading to an unintended pregnancy. However, if you suspect that you have taken two or more broken tablets consecutively, we advise that you use extra precaution with an alternative birth control measure, such as a condom, until your next menstrual period, or inquire with your pharmacist for emergency contraception also know as the morning after pill.

The full MedEffect Safety Notice can be viewed here:

Further information to assist health care professionals in advising their patients who use Alesse:

For additional questions or concerns, please speak with a health care provider.
The SOGC maintains confidence in Alesse, and other oral contraceptives, as an effective form of birth control.