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SOGC congratulates Central Regional Award winner, Dr. Hussam Azzam

The SOGC congratulates our Western and Central Regional Award winners for 2018. The awards were presented on March 15th at the West/Central CME in Banff, Alberta.

Our regional award for the Central Region goes to Dr. Hussam Azzam - a long time contributor to the SOGC. Dr. Azzam recently became the new medical director at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Prince Edward Island after 20 years as a medical leader, educator, obstetrician and gynaecologist in northern Manitoba. He was previously the chief medical officer and executive director medical programs at St. Boniface Hospital.

Throughout his career, Dr. Azzam has remained committed to quality, patient- and family- centered care, teaching, and lifelong learning. He is recognized by his colleagues as a transformational leader who fosters a culture of clinical excellence through collaboration, leading by example and by promoting innovation.

Sam currently serves as co-chair of the SOGC’s Clinical Obstetrics Committee and provides guidance that has helped increasing productivity and quality.

Congratulations, Sam.