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 Message from the President

The Countdown to 2015 is fast approaching. The slow decline of the MDG 4 and 5 for Uganda place it as a country that is unlikely to achieve the targets by 2015. To achieve and accelerate the decline, more effort from everyone is required.

Our successes over the years are visible. The Association has been guided ably, implemented several programs, improved collaboration and linkages with various partners both within as well as internationally. We have moved from the facility and been involved in various community based projects in ways of improving the demand side for the people. The Strategic plan 2011 to 2016 was finalized, approved and stands out as our guiding path or torch to our future. The plan builds on the gains and experiences of the previous years while repositioning ourselves to respond better to the existing and emerging challenges.

The Association is facing many challenges and some touch the core area of Ethics, professionalism, negative perceptions of health workers and finances. To address these we require education of various stakeholders in the community at different levels on the health system challenges addressing the gaps in all the blocks. More advocacy is needed , better  investment in health system strengthening, integration of services, supervision , training ,behavior change strategies to address negative attitudes, demand for universal access to maternal newborn care, research and implement innovative simple ways for financing community interventions and be accountable at all levels.

Active participation of all the members, associate and junior members extending our partnerships to others Societies both in the regional and globally is planned. At national level our input as professional at policy needs reinforcement with advocacy in the political, religious, academic, social ,international and local community arena. In the service delivery area we should focus on job training with Mentorship and Support supervision at regional, district and HCIV/III levels. Emphasis on updated evidence based protocols, improving on professionalism, attitudes and scaling up use of maternal perinatal audits as a quality improvement tools in all units is required.  The Association has in addition embarked at obtaining professional indemnity for those members interested, allocate more frequent periods for CPD/CME for all members, setting up a SACCO as an income generating projects and encourage full registration for all its members.

The Tide is right with several willing partners to collaborate with, let’s take the current and elevates AOGU to greater heights and be part of efforts globally and nationally of improving Sexual reproductive health and rights of the population.

Dr Romano N. Byaruhanga

President AOGU