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  • October 18, 2018

    New Canadian Guideline Prescribes Exercise for Healthier Pregnant Women, Healthier Babies

    Fewer than two out of every 10 pregnant women in Canada meet the new activity minimum recommendation of 150 minutes of exercise a week, according to a new Clinical Practice Guideline, Canadian Guideline for Physical Activity throughout Pregnancy, published by the Society of Obstetricians and [...]

  • October 17, 2018

    Legal Cannabis Doesn’t Mean It’s Safe for Pregnant Women. Why Risk It?

    The Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada (SOGC) is concerned that today’s legalization of cannabis may overshadow a growing body of medical research which suggests that the use of cannabis during pregnancy may be associated with the risk of low birth weight, preterm labour, [...]

  • October 1, 2018

    Canada Sets Goal to Become First Country in the World to Eliminate Cervical Cancer

    The Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada (SOGC) has issued a challenge to Canadians to be the first country in the world to eradicate cervical cancer. The statement was made in a speech on Parliament Hill today to mark the first day of the second annual HPV Prevention Week, being [...]

  • September 28, 2018

    SOGC congratulates Regional Award winner for Quebec, Dr. Fabien Simard

    The SOGC is delighted to announce Dr. Fabien Simard as this year’s regional award winner for Quebec for his many years of dedicated service and contributions to the profession. The award was awarded at the Quebec CME earlier this week. Dr. Fabien Simard holds a degree in medicine from Laval [...]

  • September 28, 2018

    SOGC Statement on ARRIVE Trial

    The publication of the ARRIVE trial, on elective induction in nulliparous women with a singleton low risk pregnancy at 39 weeks, has elicited a great deal of coverage and commentary. Our clinical committees have reminded us that this, as with any study, needs to be interpreted with care. The [...]

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