Sex Sense, 2nd Edition

Sex Sense Makes Sense!

Since Sex Sense was first published in 2000 much has happened in Canada in the field of sexual and reproductive health. Medical research has spawned many new contraceptive methods and emergency contraception is now available prescription free. However, many people remain in the dark about contraceptive protection and safer sex practices.

A winning formula

This book's first edition with a print-run of 100,000 copies has been so popular that the SOGC decided to publish a second, revised edition. Sex Sense won the first prize for best book design from Applied Arts Magazine and received rave reviews from media and readers.

Comprehensive look at sexuality and contraception

For the second, revised edition we kept the layout and the table of contents and focused on what's new. New contraceptive methods such as the contraceptive ring, the patch, new oral contraceptive pills and the intrauterine system were added. The information on safer sexual practices and transmission of STIs was updated. The emergency contraception chapter now reflects the fact that the "Morning-after-pill" is available prescription free across Canada.

Each method is presented in a question and answer format. Included are important questions like, "How effective is a chosen method in preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections and HIV?" and "What are my chances of getting pregnant if I don't use protection".

Sexual health solutions

  • Demystifies sexuality and contraception in easy-to-understand terms
  • Discusses all contraceptive methods available in Canada
  • Provides fact-based information on protection against sexually transmitted diseases
  • Encourages and supports readers to make smart contraceptive choices
  • Lists helpful Web sites and phone numbers for support across Canada

This guide is designed to support the reader in choosing a contraceptive method that best suits their health and lifestyle. Written for real people, it deals with everything one would ever want to know about sexuality and contraception.