Drug Shortage Notice: Magnesium Sulfate

Date: May 13, 2021

Drug Shortage Canada has released an important notification about magnesium sulfate injection. All magnesium sulfate is now in critical short supply until the end of May. Health Canada has expedited approval for foreign labelled magnesium sulfate (inj.) and the manufacturers anticipate that it will be available in early June. Steps are being taken at every level to bridge the gap until new product is available.

Health Canada has been working with SOGC to expedite the drug shortage response time, and immediately elevated this shortage to highest priority. The “tier 3” designation allows for a variety of solutions, including importing MgSO4 from other countries.

Health care professionals are advised to discuss the particular situation in their hospital, and the strategies that can be put in place to ensure that patients will have access to medication when needed. Attention will need to be paid to avoid inadvertent medication error if there is a change in the concentration of the product.

The SOGC will continue to monitor and advise on any changes.

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