SOGC headed to Parliament Hill to push for Universal Access to Contraception in Canada

Ottawa, Ontario – September 20, 2023: Today, the President of The Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada (SOGC), Dr. Amanda Black, will be attending a Day of Representation on Parliament Hill to champion the economic and social benefits of free and Universal access to contraception for all Canadians. She will also be joined by members of Action Canada, CART UBC and ProjectEmpowHER.

“Reproductive rights are human rights and must be protected at a federal level. The United Nations and the World Health Organization have stated that access to safe, voluntary family planning is a human right, and that family planning is essential to promoting gender equality, advancing the autonomy of women, and reducing poverty,” says Dr. Amanda Black, President of the SOGC.

“An overwhelming majority of Canadians agree. A recent poll shows 83 per cent of Canadians approve of free prescription birth control across Canada, and seven out of 10 feel the issue is urgent. Among voters of the three main federal parties in different regions across Canada, the support was 75 per cent or higher,” says Dr. Rupinder Toor, Medical Director and founder of Calgary’s IUD & NE Women’s Clinic and founder of the advocacy group Project EmpowHer.

This initiative has been gaining momentum for the last year. Back in April, British Columbia became the first province to provide free access to contraception. This Summer, Project EmpowHER issued a petition to the House of Commons with more than 12,000 signatures, further emphasizing the need for this concept to be implemented across Canada. Many studies have proven that for each $1 invested in universal contraception, nearly $9 can be saved in the public sector. Implementing this policy would prove to be revenue-neutral by year two and saving money by year three.

The SOGC is one of Canada’s oldest national specialty organizations and has been a leader of the advancement of women’s health since 1944.




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