SOGC Stands with the People and Health Care Providers in Ukraine

March 10, 2022

The SOGC is deeply saddened by the news that a maternity hospital in Ukraine was the target of a Russian bombing. Three people, including a child, have died and 17 mothers and staff are injured. This atrocious act of violence is a violation of the human right to health.

“Bombing a maternity hospital should never go unmentioned,” says SOGC CEO Dr. Diane Francoeur. “It is barbaric to force women to hide in basements and subways to protect the lives of their children. This escalation of atrocities must stop.”

The SOGC is aware of the global disparity in equitable health care and safety protocol for women, especially during times of war and civil unrest. Health is a human right and women everywhere should be afforded access to the quality care they need. This has not been the first attack on health care facilities during this war - health care providers and people seeking care should not be targeted.  

The SOGC condemns any attack on health care facilities and calls for protection for these vulnerable people and their health care providers.




Read the statement PDF HERE

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