SOGC Statement – Oxytocin Update (November 15)

The SOGC has been in constant contact with Health Canada in relation to the Oxytocin shortage. In early November they updated stakeholders as to the status of the supply. These are the outcomes of that update.

  • Fresenius Kabi has received the resupply of approx. 190,000 vials of 1mL and expect to have the resupply available nationally by November 8. The estimated end date on Fresenius Kabi’s drug shortage report has been updated accordingly (
  • Pfizer released the resupply of 62,630 ampoules of 1mL on October 18. Additionally, Pfizer was able to expedite the next resupply of 100,790 ampoules of 1mL which was released to market on October 30.
  • Based on Pfizer’s and Fresenius’ current supply on hand and at wholesale, there are currently approximately 200,000mL available, which correlates to approx. 1.5 months of supply under normal conditions. Additional supply may exist at wholesale and in the health care system. If FK’s November 8 release occurs on time, the amount of supply available on the Canadian market would increase to approximately 3 months of supply under normal conditions.
  • In terms of future resupplies, Pfizer has indicated that another resupply of 1mL ampoules is expected later in November in addition to a resupply of 22,000 ampoules of 5mL. Fresenius has another resupply of 1mL vials that will be available in mid-December. It is Fresenius' intention to return to market at 100% allocation on November 8 for the 1mL, and a mix of 10mL and 1mL to cover their 10mL demand.

Health Canada will continue to monitor supply of Oxytocin, and the SOGC will continue to communicate updates as they become available.