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Menopause can be scary without the facts

Menopause is a stage and a fact of life. Hormones decline and fertility fades. Despite this, menopause is rarely talked about openly. The Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada (SOGC) hopes to change this.

Starting today, with the launch of its revamped website about menopause,, the society’s goal is to provide a resource for all women, including reach the 80 per cent of menopausal women who suffer in silence. The site has information for the 5-10% of women who lose ovarian function prior to age 45 and may not be aware that their situation is very different from typical menopause; which has different implications for their health that can be corrected with age-appropriate treatment.

“Despite being a fact of life, women don’t always discuss their symptoms openly and may not realize that their symptoms are treatable with safe, effective therapies” says SOGC CEO, Dr. Jennifer Blake. “Many women fear the unknown. Yet, as our bodies change, we can adapt our lifestyles to support and maintain our best health. Healthy diet, activity and social engagement are the essential foundation, but that may not be enough for disruptive symptoms. This is the conversation we want to start. We want women to reach out to each other and to their healthcare providers and have these talks supported by credible, evidence-backed advice.”